Last month, I made a point of driving around the neighborhoods near me to look at the beautiful lights. There was something thrilling and offbeat about intentionally taking a long way home, slowly cruising neighborhood streets and admiring light displays of every configuration and color. The lights lifted my spirits. They gave me a sense of joy. They disrupted the darkness during the longest nights of the year.

As the holiday lights begin to disappear, how do we keep the light burning bright for ourselves as we begin 2018 and continue throughout the year?

(Here in Austin, Texas, we leave our outdoor twinkle lights on all year ‘round, so feel free to follow suit if that’s what makes you happy!)

It isn’t unusual to see these in front yards around Austin!

How do we begin a new year with an abundance of light, joy, and positivity?

I quietly sat with this question and here’s what came to me ~

  • Every day is actually a new beginning. Time is marked in days, months and years. In heaven, there is no time.

  • Every moment is a moment to start over. If you are disappointed with the course of life, it is possible to change in that moment. It really can be that simple and easy. Changing course and beginning anew does not have to be like moving a monolith.

  • Aligning dreams and desires with your heart and your true self make the way clear.

  • If flattened by fear, pick yourself up, calm down and know that you have the power and ability to change your energy, and by doing so, positively affecting everything around you on the biggest and smallest level. You don’t have to sit in despair.

  • Lead with the heart first in the new year, or in a time of new beginnings. The mind is not the most helpful as it will talk you out of the heart’s desire.

  • Lead with the heart. Every single person or thing around you will benefit, including you!
    Say to yourself: As I embark on a new year and a new beginning, help me to align my heart to my highest self so that my path might show me the clearest way forward.

    What practices or rituals do you do to kick of a new year or a new beginning? Reply in the comments below.