The beautiful thing is, the titles of mother, mommy and mom can be held by many different women in one’s lifetime. Aunts, grandmothers and wise, older female mentors can wear the Mom hat too. I’ve been blessed with 2 mothers and many mentors in my life.

I was adopted when I was only a few weeks old. My birth mother was only 16, too young to be a mom but lovingly willing to by my mother. She took time away from high school to have me, and I am so grateful for the sacrifice she made. Several years ago, I made a collage in her honor. (Peace Be with You, shown below.)


December 19th, 1969, with the Christmas holidays in full swing, I was delivered home to a house full of love! Through the years, it’s been my mom who has helped me to develop into the strong, independent, free-spirited woman who I am today. I am so fortunate to have her sense of service, her can-do spirit, her faith, her creativity, her love and her sense of fun. (I never acquired her Julia Child-level cooking skill however!)


Some mothers are with is in spirit and eternally love us all the same.

Some mothers are spirit guides. May is the month of Mother Mary, an important spiritual figure in my life. When I was younger, I would see statues of her in church and think, “She’s all about peace and love.” That is the essence of Mary that, I believe, comes through in my art. Enjoy some of my favorite Mother Mary pieces from my collection. The many faces and aspects of Mary provide me with endless art inspiration!