Speaking and Workshops

Tuning Out the Negativity & Noise

Fear mongering is front and center in today’s in today’s 24-hour news cycle and across social media. How can someone be a person well-grounded in this world without buying into all of the fear and hysteria?

Through faith.

This presentation offers tips on how to develop a strong reserve of faith – in Divine guidance, in something much greater than fear, in peace and in love – that will guide listeners through the most negative and noisiest of times.

Creativity: Find Yours Now!

Why have adult coloring books become all the rage lately? Because many people are coming back in tune with the use of creativity for relaxation, pleasure, simplicity and contentment. People who are content are more than likely to have an active creative practice too. Creativity is something we need more, not less, of in our busy work-obsessed culture. Creativity taps into genius and the Divine; it helps us cope with negative emotions and feel more contentment in our lives. Setting aside time for creativity is not silly and it’s not fluff.

This presentation offers tips for finding a creative niche and how to develop a creative practice and why that is so vitally important.

Looking at the World Through a Different Lens / Walking the Spiritual “Road Less Traveled”

Have you ever dreamed of living in a foreign country, quitting a joyless job and starting a new food truck, selling your suburban home and living on a houseboat? Why the heck not? What are the reasons preventing you from living your dreams? They’re probably not as impossible to achieve as they seem; it’s about being open to new possibilities and looking at life through a non-traditional lens. In 1997, I left an international education career in Washington, DC to live and work in Turkey, and that was just the beginning!

This presentation explores how to dream big and how to make those dreams happen. Thinking outside the box leads to the spiritual road less traveled and finding one’s Divine purpose. Let’s get out of the box! I’ll give some suggestions how.

Inner Healing: Taming Those Internal Bugaboos

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just “fix” us and instantly make those internal bugaboos disappear? Allow me to explain why that isn’t a good idea, and it isn’t even possible. In order to tackle stress, anxiety, fear, blame, self-judgement, or lack of self-confidence, self-compassion and self-love, one has to actively acknowledge, own and accept the healing and then create a new way of being that chips away at all of those negative emotions and beliefs.

This presentation answers how to develop such practice in a way that fits into people’s lives and leads to inner healing.

Divine Connection – Why and How to Connect to Yours

As a Divine being of light, we all have Divine connection; and it’s not something that we have to join a church to in order to discover. It’s a connection that can be called upon at any time for guidance, peace, assistance, finding our soul’s purpose, and living closer to one’s true self. Connecting through prayer and meditation can be easy.

The long-term pay offs of daily practice lead to what everyone wants more of in their lives: feeling more centered, grounded, connected, clear, peaceful, and purposeful.