Rosary for Humanity

  • Need a break from worry and anxiety brought on by one grim headline after another?
  • Crave some divine support in these times from Mother Mary?
  • Desire the certainty that you’re doing something positive to help the world?
  • I hear ya because I’m feeling the exact same way!

I was recently down in the dumps and wondering what I, as one person in this world, could possibly do to effect positive change and that’s how I received the inspiration to write the Rosary for Humanity.

This collection of prayers and reflections said along with the Hail Mary prayer of a rosary, will

  • Tap into super prayer power, reminding you to never underestimate the power of prayer and focused intention to positively change the world.
  • Renew your hope in humanity.
  • Remind you that love really is greater than fear, worry, and anxiety.
  • Allow you to be part of the solution that benefits all of us.
  • Deeply connect with Mother Mary through an ancient prayer tradition.

What is a rosary?

The rosary is an ancient meditative prayer to Mary, the mother of Jesus. It’s prayed using a strand of rosary beads which are organized in 5 sections of 10 beads. The Hail Mary prayer is prayed on each of the 10 beads until the loop is complete. Prayer intentions asking for Mary’s intercession and God’s intercession are held in the heart as the Hail Mary Prayer is prayed.

Do I need rosary beads? Do I need to be Catholic? Do I need to know the special prayers first?

Nope! Not at all. There are no pre-requisites for praying the rosary. If you can say the Hail Mary prayer and hold a special intention in your heart, you are 100% doing it correctly! This special guide has everything you need to pray the Rosary for Humanity, including an easy step-by-step How-to diagram leading you through it. 

Meet Renée Deubner

Renée Deubner is a ray of light and a Mother Mary fangirl from Austin, Texas.  As an artist and life-purpose leader she creates divinely-inspired collage art, writing and prayers that uplift and remind us peace, love, and joy are here and now… even if the latest headlines disagree. In 2011, she left a stressful teaching career and set off on a mission to find work/life balance. This decision led her down a spiritual "road less traveled," one that opened the door to a relationship with Mother Mary, an unknown artistic talent and an ability to help others realize that following one's life purpose is a joyful journey. Her secret passions are karaoke and disco, and she’s been known to break into song and dance for any reason whatsoever.