I’ve had the pleasure of working with Renée Deubner several times. I’ve found her to be highly intuitive. Renee is a careful listener and a thoughtful speaker. You can be assured that she carefully considers her audience and subject matter, and strives to provide the best information possible. Yet, it is Renee’s spirit that is most powerfully conveyed when she speaks. What she delivers is much more than words from a page, they are words from her heart – delivered in such a way so as to bring both inspiration and transformation. I highly recommend Renee Deubner as a speaker for your group or organization.

Donna WoolamLiving at My Best

Renée’s sacred art is just that…it is sacred! Her pieces express a deep reverence for the Divine Feminine in a new and contemporary way that many can relate to. Her channeled prayers on her prayer cards resonate deep within my heart. I keep her Peace Card on my table as I do sessions with clients. I have had several comment on its beauty.

Linda GalvanThe Spiritual Intuitive

Your prayer cards are multi-faceted: visually a feast for my eyes, vibrationally infused with both your loving spirit AND the love, compassion and healing energies of Mother Mary and the angels, and a prayer that I can read aloud or hold on my heart. Thank you for your heart and creative urgings to produce a blessing for us.

Shirley NorwoodYour Cherished Heart

It has helped me to “remember” to ground myself and stand firm to my goodness and truth.

Reading this has reminded me of past pains and how I allowed myself to be but in a similar situation. I will not allow my past to dictate my future, but to instead gain strength, courage and wisdom, knowing and believing that I deserve so much more, and believing that God has so much more to give me! As I continue to re-read it gives me a strength and peace.

I thank you for being in my life and being such a gift to me. Thank you for your genuine kindness and sincerity to me. Thank you for being my special messenger from God. Thank you for being my friend!

Christine Cura

I slept well and woke with less anxiety, and was feeling very mindful of my reprogramming as I went through my morning routine. Worthiness. Remembering my negative thoughts are not true. And reminding myself to allow the glow/brilliance to direct me and shine through as I work. I feel as if I have been able to focus without the distracting negative thoughts and to be present on my client calls this a.m.