Peace-collageGiven today’s headlines, I recently asked myself, where is peace? Team Peace seems to be losing in the PR battle, but don’t despair. Peace is alive and well. Peace is (seriously) more powerful than war, destruction, and hate. Peace is (seriously) all around us. Peace begins with(in) us.

If you feel anything but peaceful, you’re not alone. Stress, anxiety, worry, fear are unfortunately a common part of modern, everyday life, but I’m going to share some Divine wisdom that will give you hope that peace is powerful and for real. You can find peace within, and in turn, share it with others. Here’s how.

Know and understand that peace is Divine power. We can call on the power of peace at any time through our prayers and meditation. The more we pray for or meditate on peace in our hearts, minds, and spirits, the more familiar peace feels. Prayers and meditations for peace can be formal or informal. They can come from daily devotional books, inspirational websites and YouTube or be your own creation. They can be pages long or 3 simple words. The source or the location of the peace prayer or meditation does not matter, because all prayers and meditations are witnessed and heard by the Divine. When you pray, make sure your prayer is for unconditional peace and isn’t one that brings peace to you but vengeance on your enemies. A prayer with conditions cancels out peace.

I only recently become a believer in a daily meditation practice. I had tried it on and off, but often struggled with the challenges that many face when they meditate: sitting still, clearing my mind of everything it wanted to think about and focusing on a centering thought or mantra. I wanted to be doing something, and meditation feels like doing nothing. When you meditate, you have to deal with yourself, because all the distractions have been taken away. I’ll be the first to admit that this is a sometimes difficult place to be in.

A friend recently told me about a 21-day guided mediation challenge, and I decided to give it a try. As a reformed stressoholic, I’ve read over and over again that meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress, so there must be something to this inward reflection! There is. The consistency of a daily practice made all the difference in the world! This particular guided meditation introduced me to mantras and centering thoughts that slowly allowed peace into the core of my being.

I know what peace feels like, and as a result, I do feel less stress. The quality of my more peaceful energy helps everyone around me. I have more patience. My buttons don’t get pushed by other people or situations as often. I don’t sweat the small stuff as much. People are less likely to snap at me and I’m less likely to bark back at them. When stress, anxiety, worry or annoyance do creep back into my life, I turn inward and go back to stillness.

When you invoke and invite peace within you, it radiates to everyone and everything around you. (Yes, even your pets and plants will notice.) Also, know and understand that adopting a peaceful heart, mind and spirit is a lifelong process; just begin taking the steps and make the everyday commitment to make peace, instead of fear or judgement, your new way of being.

War and hate are strong, but peace is stronger. Join the quiet, peaceful revolution!

Here is a prayer for peace that I received from my Divine Guidance. I would love to hear if this prayer makes a difference in your life.

Divine Heavenly Father, Holy Wisdom, Spirit of All That Is ~

Help me to KNOW and UNDERSTAND with my whole being that peace is the way. Peace is the answer. Peace is more powerful than war and hatred.
Help me to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that “Blessed are the peacemakers” and “Peace be with you” are not just kind words – They are powerful words and weapons against the darkness.
May I not be led astray by what I see and hear, for peace is seen and unseen.
May I hold peace in my heart ALWAYS. May peace, not fear, be my default. For if I become a beacon of peace, I become a source and force of transformation, not just for myself, but for ALL.