“I believe that the power of millions of people praying in the same location creates a clear portal to heaven. The fact is, Mother Mary is available to everyone everywhere simultaneously.”

“Mother Mary is our universal maternal guide who loves us all unconditionally and purely…I believe Mother Mary wants to help us all be at peace…”

“When I visited Lourdes in the south of France, I experienced the power of Mother Mary’s love…I felt as if I’d touched heaven itself and walked through a purifying waterfall of angels.”

-Doreen Virtue, Mary, Queen of Angels

I’ve developed quite a collection of books about Mary over the past year, including the above- mentioned book by Doreen Virtue. While many of my Mary books are written by Catholic authors, Doreen Virtue is a world renowned clairvoyant and angel therapist. I bought the book because it’s so important to understand all facets of Marian devotion.

The other day, I had a gut feeling that I needed to give the book away as a gift at a Mother Mary’s Journeys event. I wondered why. I liked that book and hadn’t even read it yet! And this answer came to me while journaling:

Many need to know from Doreen’s perspective that Lourdes and other places [of Mary] are HOLY and energetic and angelic. They’re for real, not a creation of the Catholic Church. The things you experienced in Lourdes and on pilgrimage were FOR REAL! Not part of your imagination.

Divine guidance had much more to say to me while journaling that morning, and I knew I had to just get out of the way and write quickly!

Why in Mary’s places and not Machu Picchu? The Divine feminine energy there is for real. Divine healing is possible between the traveler and the Blessed Mother. It doesn’t matter who you are or the kind of life you’ve led – these gifts are possible for everyone, regardless of past or present realities.

And why travel to Mother Mary’s shrines and sacred sites? The energy intensifies, and it pleases Her. The rosary is powerful. The rosary said at a shrine is 1000x more so. That’s the energy, and it’s pure and beautiful.

It’s pure love.

There are many spiritual travel choices – places where one can connect with an energy vortex and feel it. But the places of Mary are 100% loving and healing energy. She is smiling because you are there.

She wants to welcome you and hug you like a mother. And listen.

This is not B.S. It’s not a fabrication. It’s real. She wants the younger generation to know and understand this. This love is real. The healing is real.

Leave your 21st century worries and concerns with Her. Life doesn’t have to be that way. There are too many young people at the end of their rope.

Give the rope to Mary.

She actually WANTS to take it from you. You never have to worry about burdening the Blessed Mother with your worries and fears. Trust me on this one! I’ve given her my worries and fears, or she’s had to wrestle them from my grip, so many times that I thought she would give up on me as a hopeless case. NEVER. There’s no such thing as hopeless cases. There’s no such thing as “Three strikes, you’re out.” There’s no such thing as throwing in the towel and giving up on you. This is not the Blessed Mother’s way.

She has endless love.

Believe it. It’s real.

Virtue, Doreen. Mary, Queen of Angels. Hay House, 2012. Print.