Events can bring us down, but let’s not lose hope in what lifts our hearts back up ~

Love, not hate, is the way forward.
Joy, not despair, is what’s needed in the world right now.

Peace, not anger or fear, will repair the damage done.

This is not just overly-optimistic and wishful thinking;
This is truth.

As some arm themselves with angry words and thoughts or with guns and weapons,
Stand stronger with peace, with love, with kindness…

For these are formidable weapons against fear and the destructive direction that fear leads us as a people and a planet.


I wrote this prayer a year and a half ago after a year of one horrible news story after another. With the prayer came a vision of light shining through the darkness. Light, in the form of love, positivity, hope, and peace transforms and transmutes evil, pain and death. My collage piece that accompanies this prayer takes the darkness from our recent past and shines radiant light through it, like rays through the cracks.

Join me in believing with your whole heart that light is greater than darkness and love is greater than fear.

This art and Prayer for These Times card will be available soon at Joie de Vivre Press!