Mother Mary’s Journeys didn’t happen overnight.

Spiritual journeys take (a life)time, and mine like many, began in a time of upheaval. Several years ago, I left a teaching career for … joy and nothing less. That was the criteria of my next career. Joy. I had no idea what a joy career looked like to me, but I was hellbent on figuring it out. “Do what you love and love what you do” is a popular theme for job seekers’ workshops and books. I was always drawn to these, but figuring it out for myself was so much tougher. I believed when I found my joy career it would hit me on the head instead of gently tapping me on the shoulder. Gentle taps are easily overlooked or ignored.

The idea of leading people on spiritual journeys was presented to me by various people in various situations no less than four times.

“Who me? I can’t do that. There must be something else I’m supposed to do.”

Just say “yes” was the reply.

I wouldn’t agree to anything until I went on my own pilgrimage to Italy and France and experienced it all for myself, by myself. I needed to spend time with the divine to understand whether this call was still calling me. In the church of San Damiano in Assisi, I knelt before the same cross in the same place as St. Francis about 800 years before me. And I asked the same question: God, what am I supposed to do with my life?!!

The cross spoke to St. Francis and told him to go and repair the Church, for it was in ruins. As for me, I was told from within that I already knew the answer to my question.

When I returned home from Assisi and Lourdes, I said yes…to my divine path, yes to divine timing, yes to divine wisdom. I’ve accepted the highs and lows, the equal parts terror and excitement. I’ve accepted that fears, anxiety, stress and tears are regular obstacles on the path, and I’ve welcomed my newfound strength and confidence to move through them. Most of all, I’ve said yes to this divinely-inspired work that gives me great joy!