At the end of January 2018, Paris was experiencing extreme flooding. It was so bad, river water from the Seine was threatening to flood the Louvre and the Musée D’Orsay, 2 of the world’s greatest art museums. I wrote in my journal, “That just doesn’t happen, except it did!”

I followed it up with writing this question, what is the message from these fires, floods and mudslides (as well as hurricanes and nor’easters)?

Here’s the answer that came to me: The earth moves on with or without us. The questions to humanity are, how do you wish for that to look? How do you wish to participate? Actions have reactions, and these reactions will continue as they always have.

Yikes. I know that doesn’t sound good! It makes me want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head! Environmental problems are huge, but don’t give up and don’t fear that all is lost. Please don’t lose hope, because the second part of the message is not hopeless.

As individuals, we can do sensible things to be aware of and improve our footprint on the earth, and most all we can LOVE.

This is not a time to live in fear.
Do not bury your head.
Do not despair.
Do not get angry or blame.
These actions will not help, only love will.
Love of the earth.
Love of self.
Love for one another.
Love for all creatures.


How will you love the earth? It’s as simple as going outside and enjoying its magnificence. Have fun doing it too!