Tips for Getting your Inspiration and Mojo Back

choiceI recently recognized the signs. I was clearly in another work slump. I’d lost my mojo for connecting, journaling, writing, and posting to social media about Divinely-inspired life.

Just yesterday or last week, this work used to feel so uplifting and natural. At this moment, it’s like pulling teeth!! How did my inspiration and enthusiasm for this work dry up like a creek bed during a Texas drought?

In times like this, I know I need to sit down, get quiet, and tune into Divine guidance. So, with red journal and pen in hand, I wrote…

“It’s been many days since I journaled…I’m not really sure what’s going on with me right now. I feel like I’ve lost my mojo…What happened?! I just dropped everything and why? It’s been disheartening for me. It’s like I lost my nerve…”

Then, I asked a question. I was tempted to scribble down

“Why can’t I make myself do my work right now?”

As if making myself was going to help anything in this moment!! Since words and intention are everything, I carefully chose this question instead:

“What would it take to expand beyond whatever I am feeling right now?”

Make vs. What would it take is the difference between force and flow, and then the answers flowed:

    Let go and allow yourself to fall backwards.
    You’re hanging on for dear life but in order to do this work hanging on tightly to prevent yourself from falling into the unknown is no way to live your life.
    You’re trying to prevent uncertainty.
    Just allow that there will be uncertainty. Uncertainty is ok. The unknown is ok.
    You can think of letting go as either falling or flying; the choice is yours.
    As with everything, it’s a matter of perspective. One is based in fear and the other in excitement.

While writing this in my journal, I had a mental image that I was hanging off a cliff by a rope and then letting go and free falling.

I could feel the terror of falling backwards and down, but at some point, I remembered I had a choice. I could crash or I could fly.

Will I hit a rough patch in my work again? I can count on it! I just need to remember my tools for dealing with it like meditation, journaling and listening to Divine Guidance and the eternal advice to Let.It.Go!

Have you ever hit the wall or experienced a free fall into a black hole while pursuing your dreams? The good news is, everyone has! There is nothing to be ashamed of.

The trick is coming through those rough patches with grace, ease, forgiveness and self-care, so that the down-in-the-dumps time becomes shorter and shorter. Remember also these universal pearls of wisdom:

    Uncertainty is ok. The unknown is ok. Face it with fear or excitement; the choice is yours.

I hope this helped reinvigorate you and reignite whatever dream you are pursuing or special work you are doing. I would love to hear about how you bounced back from a rough patch and moved forward in the comments section.