Earlier this year, a friend’s suggestion set a big artistic project in motion: a series of Mother Mary collages. No pressure! She’s only one of the most popular art subjects in the world, and as you might already know, she’s near and dear to my heart!

I didn’t hesitate to undertake this series, because if there’s one message I have received from my prayers and meditations, from friends and even from strangers is, the world needs more Mary right now…

More of her peace

More of her hope

More of her love

More of her light.

Throughout the dog days of Austin summer, I prayerfully meditated on Mary and allowed each piece to flow through me. I kept my spirits high with frequent solo karaoke dance parties in my studio, which only made my little dog Happy run away and hide under the sofa! Needless to say, each piece is infused with joy. In each piece, there is color, there is sparkle, there is a lightness, and there is a different perspective of this beloved, divine figure.

See, feel and experience for yourself peace, hope, love and light.

A few of these one-of-a-kind limited edition Mother Mary card sets are still available at Joie de Vivre Press.