For those not familiar with all of my work, I have a series of 9 art pieces with corresponding prayers. I wrote the prayers in my journal when I needed them the most and created the art to go with them. I love that the art and prayers have helped so many!

I recently received a divine nudge to write a Prayer for Comfort. Who isn’t needing a little bit of comfort right now? I certainly am!! While the holidays are a joyful time, it can be a tough time of the year for many people too.


Since my prayers are divinely inspired, I knew that all I had to do write this prayer was to tune in and let go, but I resisted calming down, getting quiet and listening. I worried about hearing and writing the right words! I had forgotten that the right words are always available when I’m ready to receive them. That’s true for everyone. The trick is to quiet the noise and receive, receive, receive. Receive this:

Comfort is calm. Comfort is the remedy to anxiety. Comfort helps one to be hopeful again. Comfort and peace work side by side. Comfort is light in the darkness.

May you experience comfort, peace, joy and calm during this hectic festive season and throughout the year.