Art and Journeys

Mother Mary’s Journeys
This site is for deepening your connection to Mother Mary, a universal spiritual figure who dwells beyond the boundaries of any one religion and within the hearts of millions all over the world. Learn how to travel to Mary’s sacred sites and shrines for a one-of-a-kind spiritual healing journey with the Blessed Mother.

Renée Deubner Artist
Experience more of Renée Deubner’s Divine connection through mixed-media collage art. Not only is this art colorful, whimsical and spiritual, it is said to hold a powerful healing vibration as well.

Stella & Maris Etsy Shop
Browse Renée’s new line of Brilliance cards: sharp, high quality printed cards created with own Renée’s unique and healing mixed-media collage and Divinely inspired prayers. Check back for new cards, booklets and offerings!

Renée’s sacred art is just that…it is sacred! Her pieces express a deep reverence for the Divine Feminine in a new and contemporary way that many can relate to. Her channeled prayers on her prayer cards resonate deep within my heart. I keep her Peace Card on my table as I do sessions with clients. I have had several comment on its beauty.

Linda GalvanThe Spiritual Intuitive