About Renée

Renee After

This is me full of joy, peace, love and life in 2015. The spiritual road – far less traveled – is worth it!

I am Renée and I am an artist. I am an amalgamation of colors and lights and sounds and divine energy. I am inspired by the world around me and seek to imbue the spirit of the heavenly in the art I create.

I am only human.

I am (happily) human.

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and consider myself to be a global nomad. As a child, the moves were based around my father’s work but as an adult they were the calling of a wandering heart. I was, and still am, thirsty to experience the world around me. In high school, I got my first real taste of independent travel as an exchange student but I settled into a rather predictable career trajectory once I reached my college years. I was a teacher and had the chance for a bright future along the administrative and management track but I walked away because something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t me.

Renee After

This was me in 2013 at the very beginning of my spiritual journey.

While I didn’t know it then, I was at the cusp of a spiritual journey that would change my life and impact countless lives before me. I felt a calling to work with Mother Mary and while I was terrified, I also knew it was something that could not be denied. Putting aside my fears, I embraced the world of YES and realized I have a divine connection that is best expressed through my art. I founded Mother Mary’s Journeys LLC in 2013 and as I connected with creation I branched into Joie de Vivre Press, an affiliate of Mother Mary’s Journeys LLC, in 2016.

I am a creative and I am on a journey. I am eager to explore the world. I thrive when dancing on tables and singing karaoke and I delight in the simple pleasures of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. I am ecstatic to meet you.