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A Message from Renée

Transformational. Divine.

Merciful Mother

This image of Our Lady of Guadalupe has long been a source of comfort to those in need and has whispered of the mercy, love, and grace of our merciful mother.

Whoo Hoo!

What is the sound of pure exaltation? What is the sound of joy unbridled by circumstance, or time, or limit? The sound is “Whoo hoo!”

Julian of Norwich

“All shall be well, and all shall be well. And all manner of thing shall be well.” Words of comfort as relevant today as when they were written by Julian of Norwich 500 years ago.​

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To All the Moms in Your Life

To All the Moms in Your Life

The beautiful thing is, the titles of mother, mommy and mom can be held by many different women in one’s lifetime. Aunts, grandmothers and wise, older female mentors can wear the Mom hat too. I’ve been blessed with 2 mothers and many mentors in my life. I was adopted...

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How will You Love the Earth?

How will You Love the Earth?

At the end of January 2018, Paris was experiencing extreme flooding. It was so bad, river water from the Seine was threatening to flood the Louvre and the Musée D’Orsay, 2 of the world’s greatest art museums. I wrote in my journal, “That just doesn’t happen, except it...

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About Renée Deubner

I am Renée and I am an artist. I am an amalgamation of colors and lights and sounds and divine energy. I am inspired by the world around me and seek to imbue the spirit of the heavenly in the art I create.

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